Game Overview


PNDORAS BOX is an MMO Metaverse project set in 2099. It is inspired by cyberpunk dystopia, from great titles such as Blade Runner, Snow Crash, and Ready Player One. The ruler, RICCΛRDO KIING, and elitists have corrupted humanity through capitalism and greed. With vanity at its core avatars must juggle between light and dark in a quest for land, digital assets, and resources to restore order and overthrow Riccardo KIING.

Why was this created and why should I care?

PNDORΛS BOX was created to challenge the status quo by inspiring people to see the world and humans differently. Our Vision is for people to have the power and technology to create their wildest dreams, while truly immersing themselves in an environment they feel like they can call "home".

What if you could create a business or never truly have to go to work again? OR how about meeting your ' best friend in a galaxy far away? What if you could throw a party and the world could "truly" see you. The possibilities are endless in PNDORAS BOX...

How are you different?

In order to truly create an immersive experience, we felt it was best to make our world and avatars (Digi humans) photorealistic. What sets us apart from other metaverse platforms is we not only want you to engage in our universe but we don't want you to be able to tell the difference, through "true immersiveness". With our vision and tech, we plan to create Digi humans; 3D digital scanned avatars that allow you to be anything you ever dreamed of. PNDORAS BOX is for creatives by creatives, but most importantly an experience inspiring people to see the world and humans differently.

The Ecosystem

PNDORAS BOX is more than a game, it is an ecosystem fueled by $PNDORASCOIN that allows businesses and creators (artists) to thrive. In this Universe, they can be anyone they want to be while getting the recognition they deserve. Our players vote by their power ($PNDORASCOIN) and our creators are fueled by their inspiration (Creator Fund). Here you have the opportunity to have ownership, develop, and trade in a world as you see fit. Be bold... Be free... Be you...


Players in PNDORAS BOX are considered "avatars" or digi humans, as they are a digital reflection of their "true" self. You have the ability to customize and interact with other digi humans as you see fit, but the more popular you become and band together to form a guild as you take on the world


Death is as real here, as it is in our physical world, especially in High City. Each time a player falls casualty to a death 10% of his $PNDORASCOIN inventory is burnt in-game. If continuous deaths are dictated by one player avatars can ban together and slay them of their power and resources. Police drones and cops roam the streets to keep the city from dismay and crime and casualties to a minimum. The nicer the area, the more heavily guarded with security it is. High City has one of the top levels of security in-game.


We've created an open-world environment with different parcels of land known as VLANDS. Collectively each map represents our Ecosystem. Our goal is to allow players to experience different levels of difficulty as they travel various terrains portals while solving quests. The more VLANDS you collect the stronger your presence becomes in the game. VLANDS also provides a way for companies and creators to enter the metaverse by bridging the gap and barrier to entry.

High City

High City is the first official VLANDS map released to the public. It is where avatars with high prestige and power lie. Highly sought-after digital assets and real estate are advertised like a typical metropolis. Meanwhile, vanity in High City is high while consciousness is low.

The Island

The Islands (May '23) is the homeland of Riccardo KIING and considered the lowlands or slums, where high mission difficulties reign supreme and consciousness is low. NPCs on the Island are considered to be shapeshifters or drifters due to their indecisive nature. They can become anything that they want to be except for what they are destined to become. Resources for your inventory as well as digital assets are scarce here.


Utopia (Q4 2023) is a mesh between High City and the Islands. It is a budding technologically-advanced city where humans coexist in harmony and some of the rarest digital assets are sought after. Players can only reach this level once they have accumulated enough strength and resources to travel throughout the game.

The Abyss

Is a galactic map located in outer space where players must have achieved enough $PNDORASCOIN to get here,

How to play?

PNDORAS BOX is a simple open-world concept where you either travel by vehicle or on foot. Once you have selected your mode of transportation you will then port into High City from there you will be instructed by your guide (bartender) on which path to choose as you develop an awareness of your character and surroundings.

Step1: Buy or receive a VLANDS NFT

In order to play PNDORAS BOX, you must first buy or receive VLANDS NFT through our premint or giveaway list. Unless you are a beta tester. Each NFT holder will receive a copy of PNDORAS BOX first playable which allows them to see their property purchase in real-time, while also allowing them to explore a brave new world with friends. There are only 1,000 slots available. Holders will also receive a special invite to our private group in discord.

Step 2: Explore

After you have received a copy you can fully explore the lay of the land ahead of our pre-alpha release (Sep ’22). Exploration includes traveling in your hovercar and viewing great themes such as High City, OASIS Beach, and the Business District.

The first playable is a first look for VLANDS NFT holders. We want to build trust and transparency as we provide in-game updates en route to our roadmap ahead of our Pre-alpha release. allow our game to develop that’s why we're giving you an inside look ahead of our Pre-Alpha release. Our Pre-alpha however will allow your avatar to earn passive $PNDORASCOIN by staying in the game longer and completing missions.

Step 3: The Juice Box

once you’ve collected $PNDORASCOIN head over to The Juice box, which is a club in-game where the who’s who meet. From there you can purchase threads and attire to boost your attire. It is also where your guide (Bartender) will be waiting for you.

Step 4: Explore

Venture off into a new world, be anyone you ever dreamed you could be, and complete tasks through 4 unique maps as you build up strength to face the ruler, Riccardo KIING in quest mode.

Easter Eggs

100 Diamonds will be scattered throughout PNDORAS BOX between map1 and map 2 (May '23) which will grant players the right to sit aboard our DAO council and help sprout new ideas and direction towards game development. Players can collect these easter eggs by solving some of the game's most difficult tasks.

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