How Do I Participate?

We announce quarterly any update of our next VLANDS Sale as well as provide weekly updates via Twitch and Youtube. In order to participate in our next whitelist or giveaway you must signup. We are launching VLANDS presale on June 1, 2022, to further fund our project PNDORAS BOX game. This NFT collection will represent Map 1 and 1,055 pieces of virtual land directly connected to the PNDORAS BOX game. NFT holders will receive a pre-order copy of PNDORAS BOX, as well as in-game property upon purchase. The NFT will act as a certificate of authenticity.

PNDORAS BOX pre-alpha is scheduled to release Sept 2022. More land is projected to be minted for Map 2 and 3, upon a vote from our governance and $PNDORASCOIN holders. Our goal is to maintain value and utility for our community and coin holders.

55 lucky whitelist participants will receive a VLANDS free mint to commemorate the May 6th launch. We are launching $VLANDS and $PNDORASCOIN tokens, as well as an incentivized staking pool in July 2022. These tokens have not launched yet, therefore anyone who claims they have available tokens does not represent PNDORAS BOX.

After token launch, we are airdropping $PNDORASCOIN to everyone who has a VLANDS NFT in their wallet. If you’re already part of the community thank you for coming along this journey and believing in our vision. Please follow the instructions to be selected from the whitelist.

We’re excited to see what the future holds! If you have any additional questions, please see our FAQs on Discord.

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