Our project was recently moved to Unreal Engine 5 to provide the best immersive, yet aestetically pleasing game experience possible. Our workflow consists of Metahuman, Quixel Bridge, UE5, and Blender to create. We also partner with various 3D scan artists to create efficient yet scalable large maps for world-building. Our goal is to create a seamless, yet immersive ecosystem where not only players but creators and businesses can unite as one community.

We plan to release our first pre-alpha on a layer-2 Ethereum late October '22, however . Pndoras Box early pre-alpha is available now upon request. We aim to provide a community with utility, value, and camaraderie. We also want to ensure each player can earn, trade, and create on a safe network which is why we intend to build on Immutable X.

Why Immutable X?

Currently, the Ethereum network supports approximately 150,000 non-fungible token transactions per day at 30% network usage. Trades may fail on occasion, returning assets to owners instead of transacting, therefore the time to process is inconsistent. Some transactions can take upwards of an hour. This not only annoys users who are attempting to trade, but it can also cause problems for developers and businesses building on the network.

Immutable X is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It is an open-source ZK Rollup protocol built with the vision of generating a gas-free NFT ecosystem. Traders, gamers, and holders have found it increasingly difficult to buy on the Ethereum blockchain due to the high gas fees and delayed mint prices, this is where Immutable X comes in making the transaction seamless, and gas fees almost obsolete. The platform allows creators to build Dapps, games, and marketplaces while facilitating 9,000 transactions per second on Ethereum’s secure network.

Architecture of Immutable X

Immutable X is a layer-2 open-source protocol that is highly scalable and easy to build, use and trade on due to the integration of core components in its architecture

StarkEx ZK Rollup Technology – StarkWare’s proprietary ZK Rollup technology utilizes ZK-STARK instead of ZK-SNARK

APIs and SDKs – Immutable X’s developer and partner-focused tools that enable easy onboarding and development with the Immutable X protocol.

Immutable X Link – The trustless intermediate layer of the protocol

Team Behind Immutable X – before selecting this platform we wanted to ensure they had a strong team to carry out the company’s longevity, and so we can contain the same infrastructure.

Fees- Background of Immutable X fees

StarkEx’s ZK Rollup Technology

If you’re wondering what Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK Rollup) it is a layer-2 solution that bundles hundreds of transactions into one, which is then separated by smart contracts to verify each transaction. Immutable X solves the scalability problem of Ethereum by utilizing the ZK Rollup technology for its layer-2 protocol. To be more precise, it uses StarkEx, a proprietary ZK roll-up system that utilizes ZK-STARK for proof instead of ZK-SNARK. In terms of security, the ZK-STARK is more reliable as there is no need to worry about the method of encryption being compromised. Secondly, ZK-STARK is also more resistant to quantum computing attacks due to its random functionality in the encryption.

APIs and SDKs

Immutable X wraps their ZK rollup inside REST APS to make building NFT applications easier, from minting to trading and transferring. This helps operations such as gaming build better initiatives faster without having to interfere with smart contracts. Therefore, this allows SDKs from various platforms the ability to interact with Immutable X more efficiently.

Immutable X’s ‘Link’ is a trustless intermediate layer that acts as the medium between any Ethereum wallet and the Immutable X protocol. This means that users do not have to switch networks in order to use the Immutable X protocol.

Immutable X Team

Immutable X has a core partnership between two entities in the blockchain and gaming industry, Immutable and StarkWare. Immutable was previously known as Fuel Games which is an Australian blockchain gaming company founded in 2018 by James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson, and Alex Connolly. StarkWare Industries is a blockchain-scaling company based in Israel created by Eli Ben-Sasson, Uri Kolodny, and Michael Riabzev.


it earns its revenue through the collection of a 2% fee from trades executed on the protocol. Around 20% of the protocol fees collected must be paid in IMX. This fee can either be paid directly in IMX, or Immutable will automatically swap the actual purchase currency (e.g. ETH) for IMX on the open market. This means users do not need to explicitly hold IMX tokens to be able to transact on their protocol.

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