A breakdown of $PNDORASCOIN Tokenomics

A Breakdown of how $PNDORAS COIN is Distributed

$PNDORASCOIN is an ERC-20 token and will be the official in-game currency behind transactions and player interaction in PNDORAS BOX. It will also be used to grant key voting privileges in our governance. Here are the 10 key parts that make up the token distribution:

  1. Preseed – which is our earliest stage to not only help accelerate growth but develop the tech behind the token.

  2. Seed – proceeds from seed private round will be used to further accelerate our growth, strengthen our product with new hires, and Increase staking & farming incentives

  3. Public Sale– which is considered our launchpad to help us improve our governance, DAO, staking ability, and token protocol

  4. Advisory– behind every great token there is a doxxed team or individuals with the know-how. We plan to not only use these proceeds to build out our advisory board, but put together a team that can execute that you can trust

  5. Company Reserve– dedicated to unforeseen expenses such as marketing, airdrops, research and development, and press.

  6. Creator Fund– a grant program that incentivizes artists and developers for contributing visually stunning content to the PNDORAS BOX game and ecosystem.

  7. Foundation Fund– a reserve dedicated to helping strengthen and develop the token ecosystem

  8. Staking– Is designed to reward token holders for staking coins longer, while incentivizing $PNDORASCOIN to keep their tokens within the ecosystem to create scarcity. Staking also provides governance and extra staking ability for active players

  9. Yield Farming– yield farming encourages players to stay in the game longer to receive rewards. Rewards can range from players skill set and participation

  10. Team– represents the PNDORAS BOX team; the group of individuals that will go sleepless nights to bring you a great product

$PNDORASCOIN will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 48 months from the public sale. The initial circulating supply is set to 50,000,000 or 5% of the total supply, from our Preseed sale.


$PNDORASCOIN will be used across the PNDORAS BOX ecosystem by gamers, developers, and creators, allowing avatars to exchange digital assets while earning rewards. These tokens can be acquired by creators, players, businesses, and investors. $PNDORASCOIN is scheduled to launch in July '22.

Circulation: Due to the current climate of the market we want to not only ensure that our investors are protected but our fiduciary duties align with the future of this company and our community.

Token Burn Event: Burn event values will be updated periodically to show true metrics. Player's deaths and in-game purchases will result in a token burn to offset $PNDORASCOIN inflation

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